Adrianna L. – Young Mother Loses Over 50 lbs. and 12 Dress Sizes

personal training success story from Adrianna

“With hard work and serious dedication from me, along with unwavering encouragement from my NextLevel Fitness trainer every step of the way, I have exceeded my own expectations and lost over 50 pounds.

“More importantly, I have achieved what I set out to do: live a healthier lifestyle.”

Cale S. – Ex-Football Player Loses 100 lbs.

Personal Training Success Photo from Cale

“When I quit playing professional football, I was topping the scales at 310 lbs. A NextLevel Fitness trainer helped by focusing on what I ate (since 80% of your success comes from your diet). He broke down what foods I needed to limit and looked for deficiencies in my diet. Unlike some plans out there, he didn’t try to put me on some outrageous diet that was hard or impossible to maintain.

“His high-energy workouts, his persistence and his drive to see me succeed kept me going when things got difficult. They provided a lot of attributes that you won’t see from other trainers and I believe that is why he was able to get me results after 8 years of bad habits.”

Ross H. – Gained 20 lbs. of Muscle

Personal Training Success Before and After from Ross

“Having struggled for 6 months to gain weight, finally decided to sign onto “Project Muscle Mass” with a NextLevel Fitness trainer. And after only five months of training, was able to gain 20 lbs. of muscle mass, put on 3 in. on biceps and 5 in. on chest.”

Denise O. – At Age 49, Loses 60 lbs. and 60 Inches

Personal Training Success Story by Denise

“After years of attempting and failing at numerous diet plans, I gave up and tipped the scales at 242 lbs. I was fully convinced that I had a metabolic disorder and would never experience permanent weight loss. I had high blood pressure, back and knee pains and could barely climb a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath. I detested having my picture taken; despised shopping for clothes and my evening fatigue had become a daily ritual.

“On May 15, 2008, my trainer at Next Level Fitness changed my life! She provided daily support and motivation. She was always willing to adjust my workout sessions depending on my needs or wants. Thanks to Next Level, I can proudly say that I have lost over 60 lbs., 60 inches and 20% of my body fat. In only 5 months, they helped me change my life forever!

“If anyone reading this has any doubts that it can work for you… Trust me, it can and will! They are passionate about thier work and motivated to help you succeed. My new-found energy allows me to enjoy weight lifting, walking, running and cycling. With Next Level’s help, I continue to improve in overall strength and endurance every week. My energy level now meets the demands of my busy personal and work schedules and the compliments from friends, family and co-workers never cease to boost my spirits!”

George F. – Lost 38 lbs in 5 Weeks

Personal Training Success Before and After with George

“I can’t believe that I let myself go after the birth of my son. I used to be so active – surfing, bike riding and hiking. I gained 30 lbs over a year period and didn’t realize it. After 5 weeks of training at NLF, I’ve lost the 30lbs and an additional 8! Surfing is so much easier and Less stressful on my way back. I feel more motivated to do things now that I’m not as big. I am new man!”

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